Friday, March 4, 2011

JDeveloper History


In 1998, the first version of JDeveloper was based on a licensing of the JBuilder product from Borland. JDeveloper went through a complete rewrite to be based on Java, for its 9i (2001) version.
The 10g version (9.0.5) showcased the first release of the revamped Oracle ADF.
In 2005 Oracle Corporation released JDeveloper as free software.
In 2006, still under the 10g tag, and after significant delays, Oracle released version 10.1.3 - the latest major 10g release.
In October 2006, Oracle released version that added support for the final EJB 3.0 spec along with BPEL and ESB design time.
In January 2007, Oracle released version incorporating WebCenter capabilities such as creating and consuming portlets, portlet/JSF bridge, and content-repository data control.
In January 2007 Oracle had more than 150 people working in various roles on the product, including (in no particular order): developers, development managers, QA engineers, build engineers, doc writers, product managers, customer evangelists, and usability engineers. Development centers operated in Redwood Shores, Bangalore, Reading (UK), Pleasanton, Colorado. Source:[1]
In May 2007 Oracle released a technology preview release of version 11g.
In October 2008 the production version of Oracle JDeveloper 11g, code named BOXER, became available.
In July 2009 the latest version of JDeveloper 11g (, code named Bulldog, became available[2]

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