Saturday, March 5, 2011

ADF Faces PopUp 11g PS3 Performance Improvements

I'm sure you already noticed better JDev/ADF 11g PS3 performance comparing to previous releases -ADF 11g PS3 Runtime Performance 2-3 Times Faster vs. ADF 11g PS2. Blog reader was asking, what works faster - to open ADF Faces popup using Java Script or through RichPopup API, using show(PopupHints) method. There is no better way, as just to try it.

Download sample application -, this sample implements both methods for popup opening.

If we test with JDev/ADF 11g PS2, it takes around 1 second to open ADF Faces popup:

Now, will test the same on JDev/ADF 11g PS3, will open ADF Faces popup through Java Script from managed bean:

Now it opens much faster on PS3, around 400 milliseconds:

Let's try to open ADF Faces popup without using Java Script, but through RichPopup API (on PS3):

This method allows to open ADF Faces popup record fast, just around 250 milliseconds:

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