Sunday, January 9, 2011

Got to Love Cascading LOVs in ADF

"You've got to love our cascading LOVs" was the title of an email from Maiko that pointed to a long and complextutorial that shows how non-trivial implementing cascading lists is when you use ExtJS, Hibernate and Spring. You basically end up writing over 300 lines of code in a mixture of languages including java, javascript and json.

This is indeed one of many areas where you can clearly see the advantages that ADF gives you with a declarative development approach.
Check out this little demo that shows how you build this type of cascading lists with JDeveloper and ADF. The interesting point to note is that a single SQL statement is the only manual line of code you end up writing.
This is why we believe that visual and declarative is good.
By the way, if you prefer written instructions for this, you can use either Steve's Article or this part of the ADF BC tutorial.

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