Sunday, January 9, 2011

ADF Faces Dynamic Tags - For a Form that Changes Dynamically

There is a dynamic form and a dynamic table, both read the meta-data of the component you want them to display and create JSF components on the page to show those at runtime.
The following demo shows the basics of how to use them.
We are creating a method in our Application Module that changes the definition of a view object to be based on a provided SQL statement.
Then we bind that VO to our page using the dynamic Form component.
And voila - you'll give the SQL, we'll show the data...
Two notes:
The vo.executeQuery call in the AM method is redundant in this case. The view will be queried when you navigate to the page without this call also.
Dragging a data control as a dynamic table should result in a code that looks like this in our JSF:
<dynamic:table value="#{bindings.v1Iterator}" id="t1"/>
If it doesn't it might be due to a bug in the current JDeveloper version where a regular table is used instead - should be fixed in the next patchset.


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