Saturday, April 9, 2011

JDeveloper and Oracle ADF cut development time and costs by 20%

                I’m often asked about productivity of ADF over other frameworks and one of the issues that comes up is looking for hard facts on productivity.   So it was great to hear one customer put a figure to their savings.  This is a great storyfrom a customer I’d been working with who said that Oracle ADF and JDeveloper cut their development costs and time by 20%….More details on this customer here as well.
Of course, one swallow doesn’t make a summer, so its good to hear we have others saying how ADF is more productive.  Maybe there is something in this after all! ;o) 

  • 1.   Chose Oracle Application Development Framework to build the upgraded MedNext+ and selected the Oracle product for its visual, business logic-based development tools, ideal for creating rich applications
  • 2.     Used Oracle Application Development Framework and the integrated development environment of Oracle JDeveloper to build enterprise applications based on industry standards, cutting development time and cost by 20%
  • 3.        Leveraged the speed, performance, and scalability of Oracle WebLogic Server to support rapid development 
  • 4.        Delivered low latency, faster application speed, and enhanced user performance with Oracle JRockit
  • 5.        Embedded Oracle Business Intelligence into MedNext+ to enable risk carriers to track revenue against key performance indicators and make fact-based forecasting, marketing, and strategy decisions
  • 6.        Migrated existing and new customers to enhanced MedNext+, which is set to boost end-user performance 20% and cut cost of ownership over existing implementations by up to 50%
  • 7.        Increased revenue growth expectations 100% with MedNext+
  • 8.        Planned to use Oracle SOA and Unified Business Process Management Suites to build MedNext+ on extensible, SOAbased, application grid for automated workflow-routing with client systems

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